Mounted on a Core

A strip brush helically wound and permanently mounted to a core.

All new brush and core, or reuse your existing core.

Where there is a significant investment in the core, we can replace the brush and if needed repair the core, both to a “like new” condition. In house we manufacture simple to complex tight tolerance cores with dynamic balancing.

Mounted brushes allow different densities by adjusting the “pitch or turns per ft.”

A coil brush with a large pitch, or few turns per ft. can resemble an auger, where a coil brush with a small pitch or many turns per ft. will give you the greatest density. On on a high density coil brush the turns of the brush may not even be visible.

14 Turns Per Ft.
As shown left hand helix.

28 Turns Per Ft.
As shown left hand helix.

32 Turns Per Ft.
As shown left hand helix.

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    For information on brushes that are not permanently mounted to a core see:
    Loose Coil Brush