Turf Industry

Natural or Artificial Turf

Most people have no idea how much time and effort is put into maintaining beautiful and functional natural or artificial turf. You do. You know every last detail, and you know that it’s the tools you use that make all the difference.

At American Power Brush, we have highly-specialized brushes especially designed with your needs in mind. Brushes that stand blades of grass up for a closer, more even cut. Brushes meant for turf grooming, clipping dispersion and dew removal. Brushes that quickly, but gently, incorporate top dressing or sweep the turf while collecting aeration cores, leaf and grass clippings, and other debris that clutters the turf. Brushes that can meet almost any specialized need.

  • Golf Courses
  • Sport Venues
  • Playgrounds
  • Businesses
  • Landscaping

These are just some of the areas where our brushes can make ongoing maintenance easier and more precise. With so many innovations in the industry, we can help you tailor-make a brush designed specifically for your application. Our extensive inventory of brush filaments and in-house machine shop allows us to maintain short lead times.

Whether you need something designed, or a refurbishing of the tried and true brushes you already rely on, make American Power Brush your supplier of choice. We know our stuff, and we know how to keep your production on-track and on-budget.

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Pat Stohr

We are experienced in brushes used in equipment by these manufacturers and so many others.

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