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American Power Brush Manufacturing, Inc

American Power Brush Manufacturing, Inc. (APBMI) is a privately held corporation that is affiliated with Power Brushes, Inc., a Toledo, Ohio company. In May of 2015 the assets of American Brush Co., Portland, OR.  were purchase. Expanding the manufacturing capacity along with customer service, in January of 2018 American Power Brush acquired the assets of Cascade Brush Co., of Yakima, Washington.  With manufacturing and offices in Portland, OR. along with Toledo, OH. APBMI now has the synergy of three companies with roots being over 100 years old to serve customer with quality custom made brushes. We proudly, strive to become our customers the most “trusted and dependable” vendor.

1910 - 1957 - 2003

Power Brushes, Inc. founded in 1957 in Toledo, Ohio by three former Fuller Brush employees, Gerard Parseghian, Jack Grogan and Richard Chambers. With the death of Chambers in 1957, Varkes Tavtigian, a precision tool and die maker joined the partnership. “Custom Engineered Brushes for Industry” was and still is the market that is served. www.powerbrushes.com.
American Brush Company founded in Portland, Oregon in 1910 and incorporated in 1916 as American Brush Manufacturing Company. A large portion of the products between 1910 and 1930 were high quality paint brushes. The crash of 1929 forced American Brush Manufacturing into bankruptcy in 1930. The company was reorganized as American Brush Co. The company was located at 116 N.E. Sixth Ave. which was built in 1909 as a candy factory. The building on N.E. Sixth Ave. has become a Portland landmark with the name and logo still preserved.
Cascade Brush Company founded in 2003 in Yakima WA. by brush industry veteran Pat Stohr has focused on high performance brushes used in the fruit and vegetable industry. Pat’s desire to share his 27 + years of expertise in washing, waxing, scrubbing and harvesting with customers who are looking to improve their process was a major reason for joining American Power Brush. Cascade Brush adds a history of outstanding customer service, reliable delivery, and customization when needed to critical brush applications.
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