Custom Made from Stock Components

There are so many aspects to ensuring a successful production run. The last thing you need to worry about is a dirty conveyor belt that contaminates the next run.

We’ve developed an entire specialty product line that allows us to produce custom conveyor brushes quickly and affordably for nearly any application. Our brushes can be adapted to virtually any need:

  • Wet
  • Dry
  • High Heat
  • Sticky
  • Slippery
  • Baked On
  • Fine Particle

Our brushes can clean belt surfaces that are flat, cleated or ribbed without clogging or rapid wear, ensuring that your production line continues to produce with reduced downtime. For more information on this style of brushes, click here.

Let’s talk about your conveyor belt cleaning needs. Our extensive inventory of brush filament and in-house machine shop allows for quick delivery.  We’d like to work with you to provide the best solutions for your process. Contact us today!

To learn more contact:
Pat Stohr

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