Wood and Plastic Backed Strip Stave Brushes

Strip brushes are used for a variety of industrial applications. Grading, smoothing, flow control and dust barriers are a few examples of uses for strip brushes. APBMI manufacturers many varieties of tufted strip brushes.

Tufts are secured to a backing by either gluing, stapling or wire drawing by hand. Backing materials can be wood, plastic, metal or leather sized to fit the particular installation. Filament materials can be either natural or synthetic.

Tufted Strip (Stave) Brush Specifications

A. Block Thickness
B. Block Width
C. Block Length
D. Overall Height (includes block thickness)
E. Tuft Column Spacing
F. Tuft Row Spacing
G. Brush Part
H. Filament Material
I. Block Type
J. Hole Diameter and Depth

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